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  • Mountain's Hearth

    Run by an older dwarf woman named Reggen, this inn is a very respectable bed and breakfast. Clean linen, private rooms, and even a night guard with a loud bell are what you get staying here, along with free breakfast.

  • Pig and Bucket

    This big common-room style tavern is in a bad part of town, but its reputation as a place adventurers can find work has made it almost a tourist attraction. Rich people slum it in private booths hoping to see bar fights between real professionals instead …

  • Stonehome Treasures

    Mikal Rensfield specializes in art and magic items made right in Overlook itself. Besides the pottery and knick knacks, there is a chance he will carry any Arm, Hands, Feet, Head, Waist, or Neck magic item up to fourth level at list price. One attempt …

  • Merty's

    Merty is a used-car-salesman type of shopkeeper. Every item is the best possible fit for exactly what you need. He can sell any item of up to 5th level, but at 150% the normal price.

  • Ministry of War

    Center of Overlook's standing garrison. Barracks and training facilities house the reserves for Bordrin's Watch. Recently posted a call for adventurers to help with the pending orc invasion.

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