Ganner Fents


Ganner Fents 3rd Level Human Tactical Warlord

Ability Scores

Strength: 16
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 14

Trained Skills

Athletics 8 (5)
Diplomacy +8
Heal +6
Hisotry +7
Intimidate +8

Shield Pro (heavy)
Improved Initiative
Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)

Heavy Shield

Current XP


Magic Items:


Ganner was born in the opulent halls of the Fentus estate. Several days before his birth his mother dreamt she had birthed a lion cub instead of a boy. Being the superstitious woman she was, Remedios Fents, consulted with her trusted sage who interpreted the dream as a sign from the gods that her son was to be a powerful leader, and to be the worthy bearer successor of the Fentus house. This was wonderful news for her husband, and Ganners father, Falash whose once thriving mercantile business had seen better days. To his disappointment, Ganner did not have much interest in the family business, and was instead constantly occupied in his books about military history, and history in general. Thin and sickly in his youth, Ganner strayed away from the usual rough and tumble ways of his young contemporaries and preferred to pour over tombs about ancient elven battles. He could name any martial weapon he saw, and its history, and role in certain military campaigns. When he was still very young his father pulled some strings to get him into a prestigious military school where Ganner thrived. He learned the craft of battle, studied the works of famous generals and tacticians, and began to train heavily in art of combat himself. His teachers put him on the fast track for a place in the officer academy, but then something bad happened. The family business was on the brink of collapse, and had there been some illicit business dealings on the part of his father that went bad. Many of the rival merchants had enlisted gangs of thugs, or had become gangs themselves in order to increase their holdings. The Fentus estate had gone under and now the lives of Ganner’s family was in danger at the hands of rival merchants and gangs. For protection, Falash had recruited many of the family’s young men to serve as guards and enforcers. When Ganner returned from school, he found his family in disarray. His uncles and brothers all had their own agendas and ideas for what remain of the Fentus enterprise. Seeing that things were only getting worse, Ganner took matters into his own hands. He infiltrated the gang of a rival merchant by posing as a local tough. After several months and winning the trust of the guild members, he turned the members against their leader and helped them assassinate him. Thereafter, this guild formed an alliance with the remains of the Fentus house, and a semblance of order was restored.

Ganner still maintains ties with his family and its business, but prefers living a life separate from them; seeking out new challenges and confronting even greater dangers. He believes that every enemy has a weakness and any weakness can be exploited. Internal and pondering, he is prone to bouts of inspiration and can go to great lengths to inspire or enrage his comrades and enemies in order to achieve victory. He’s got large eyes that soak the world in in a single glance, and part of his left ear is missing thanks to an enemy’s blade. When out of his armor he prefers to wear fine clothes that bear the mark of his house, a red griffon. Never staying to long in one place,( he knows the enemies of his house still hunt for him), he prefers to seek new challenges wherever he can find them.

Ganner Fents

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