Drakescales of War

The Defiled Monestary

The Mustering divided up the adventuring companies who had shown up to the Mustering either for fortune or duty. Most were taken to man the mountain fort. The more capable were set to patrol the countryside. The three best were assigned the task of sealing the Underdark.

Orcs had been raiding the near side of the mountains somehow. By consulting the ancient books in The Stone Anvil, the leaders of the defense forces discovered that there were three places at risk of tunneling. The Freeriders were assigned to investigate the catacombs of the fort itself. The party themselves were assigned to take care of the deep forges below the mountain monastery. And the legendary Farstriders were tasked with the region know as the Vents.

The Party quickly found that the once proud Monastery of the Sundered Chain had been overrun by orcs. It was clear from the lack of damage to the walls that the orcs had come from below and slaughtered the sleeping inhabitants. Dead dwarves lay throughout as they fought to the basement.

They now gather themselves together in the basement of the structure. Should they continue down to the forges and complete the mission? Or do they need to return to Overlook to rest and hope no more orcs come through? Is there some sort of ritual that will ward off Greataxes?

Adventure xp: 565 Gold: 53 Items: Stonskin Cloth +1, Ironskin Belt, Venomous Whetstone



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