He limps home after sealing the portal under the long forgotten keep. Joy in his success is tempered by the realization that no one may ever know of what his party had done for the Realms. But he resolves on that wet slow trip that when he meets others of his kind he will tell the tale, until all guard drakes everywhere know that his party demands respect.

The party arrived back in town with the strange black book wrapped carefully in a cloak. Afraid a portal might open under their feet, or at least that their inn might burn down, they cautiously opend the book and found… that they couldn’t read it. It took them a while before they found a traveling scholar who could at least identify its origin as being from the Age of Chains. The best chance of getting it translated is at the central temple of Moradin in the city of Overlook. The Stone Anvil.

Drakescales of War

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